The Times of India App Reviews

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Great app

App provides India News handy; Advice: Please provide options for users to skip entertainment and life style relates categories in the app news wall. Tech news is posted in end, need to read/scroll all the film news ahead

Rename required

Better name your app to Softporn paper of India. Showing all revealing pictures of actress you share their pictures on Instagram on your platform just to get clicks is utter disgusting. None of your news talk about achievements, growth, it’s all about revealing news, bashing pakistan. Hope you go bankrupt big time!

Cannot close the page

iPhone X when you open a picture you cannot close the page due to the close icon overlaps with battery sign. No change in text size (dynamic). Unbelievable ads!

Not an news app

App for semi nude pics adds and only negative news rapes and murders as important news with pics and for actual news no data or actual facts provided. More over headlines are provided which is not at all the actual news inside. Uninstalling this stupid app.


Every day news update

Worst at its best

This crappy times of India team doesnt even know that Kannada is the official language of Karnataka. Kannada has got 7 jnanapeeta awards which is the highest number when compared to any other language in india.

Cannot select stories

Only the app loads. CANNOT ACCESS THE STORIES. Older version worked fine. Please FIX


Report comments function not working. Can’t report offensive comments....!


Still freezes on iPhone 8 plus !! We have to have your app to restart it everyone !! Please fix it !!

App freezes

This app is poorly optimized. It freezes all the time. Ads take up more space than news. The font is bad and small too.


In your face?


They neglected Kannada - the regional language of Karnataka.

Worst theory

If different Language ppl works in TOI is considered...else it doesnt exists. Disgusting management.

Worst ever app with fake news and biased news

Worst ever app

Sold out for money

After following and reading news on times of India newspapers for more than 7 years, I now realize that this company is just sold out of money and does not show the REAL NEWS to us. Who knows who will ever bless India

Not worth reading it

Just deleted TOI as I am annoyed by the anti India stand taken by the paper on every occasion. Especially the Ramjas college event, where you are showing the argument one sided and supporting anti nationals.

Biased NEWS

Instead of letting people to decide on facts, editor tries to tweak on every aspect in every possible way against the government. Such a Shame.

It deserve zero stars

For insulting Kannada

Needs work and please remove Ads!

Needs work: Comments go to moderation all the time. Opening the app, all you see is ads. These are mostly irrelevant as I see Maruti ads and you cannot get this in USA. Please get rid or an option to turn off ads. Now cannot even comment!

Dirty tabloid

Too many explicit photos and sleazy posts. Why are they even allowed to call themselves "Times of India".

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